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Table setting - Elegance Wine, Embassy Beer
Table setting - Sorrento Cutlery
Table setting - Embassy Beer, Elegance Red Wine
Dinner Plate - 12inch (31cm)
Dinner Plate 10inch (26cm)
Entree Plate 9inch (23cm)
Entree Plate 24cm Wide
Bread and Butter Plate 16cm
Bowl 15.5cm 175ml
Bowl 17cm 250ml
Oil Bowl 105mm
Butter Dish 11cm
Butter Dish Square 10cm
Cup and Saucer
Latte Glass & Saucer
Salt and Pepper 5.5cm High
Salt Pepper Condiment
Sugar Bowl 7.5cm High
China Platter 40cm
Pasta - Serving Bowl 21cm
Elegance Red Wine 18cm High 300ml
Bordeaux Wine 550ml 21cm
Embassy Wine 251ml 16cm High
Champagne Flute 210ml 19.5cm High
Trumpet Flute 23.5cm High 163ml
Embassy Beer 296ml 17cm High
Libby Perception Beer 550ml 16cm
NEW: Pasa Tumbler 355ml
NEW: Pasa Wine 310ml
Libbey Martini 177ml
Tumbler 250ml 11cm
Shot Glass 45ml 7cm High
Carafe 1 Litre
Ice Bucket 18cm High
Platter 40cm
Coffee plunger 1.5L 8 cup

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